Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Annual Inspirations Blog Hop

Welcome to our brand new idea book from Close To My Heart.  We, over 50 consultants, are showing you all the new goodies featured in this 193 page idea book featuring over 250 new items.  This is a circle hop, so you can start anywhere and just keep hopping until you come back to where you started.  The blog ahead of me is {Casandra Bennett}.  Next in the lineup is {Pam Ellison}.
If you get lost along the way, you can see the full lineup of blogs {here}.

I have a few goodies to show, so lets get started.

I wasn't able to join the sotm blog hop, so here is my version of the sotm.
Now, the sotm features owls for a halloween set.  But every time I saw the image, I saw a monster with a giant eyeball instead of owl.  So that is what I made.  Doesn't that make a great monster.  Color him green, Draw in an eyeball where the beak is and there you go.  Yes, I am weird and the only person who saw a monster, but hey, thats how my brain works.  

Now onto a simple bag.  This uses one of our brand new m sized stamps, a new ribbon and these button badges made for our my crush books. So simple to make and would look so cute on a plate filled with goodies for christmas.

I challenged myself to use scraps for the next set of projects.  Everything has been made using a 6 x 6 piece of pattern paper.  And yes, including the scrapbook page.

This page is using the new pathfinding paper pack.  The squares are 2 x 2, which were easily cut from the 6 x 6 paper.  But how did i make those strips that go across the page just using a 6 x 6 sheet?  Easy, they are two piece of 6 in strips.  on the top, the thankful is covering the seam and on the bottom, the picture is covering the seam.  Just look for patterns that use smaller pieces from all your leftover projects.

Now this is a 3 x 3 card set using every paper pack featured in the new idea book.  We have Scaredy Cat, Pathfinding, Chalk It Up, Seaside
Yuletide Carol, Confetti Wishes, Wanderful, Snowhaven and Brushed.
They feature the stamp sets Holiday Tags and Banner Wishes.

The next card is also a 3 x 3 featuring one of our hostess only stamp sets called Cuddly Salutations.  It's the perfect image to color in with our brand new ShinHan alcohol markers.  I use one color, Golden Yellow, with the colorless blender to get the shading.  The saying is not from the set, but from LOL, which has internet sayings.  The tweet is for twitter, but worked perfectly for this.  The papers come from two different paper packs, the blue from Wanderful and the leaf from Brushed.  The yellow is just the marker again with the colorless blender.

And for the last project  I made a very quick card from the My Crush Holiday Happenings Assortment, though you can do this with our Picture My Life kits too.  The christmas My Crush is a cool combo of pocket scrapbooking like Picture My Life mixed with the smash style books of My Crush.  Because of this, the assortment has some 4 x 6 cards and 3 x 4 cards with the other items in the assortment.  This is one of the 4 x 6 cards.  Just slap some Yuletide Carol paper and cardstock underneath, add a metal embellishment from the Yuletide Carol Assortment and there you go.

That's all I have for you today, but come back soon.  I have a lot more goodies to show.  Next in the lineup is {Pam Ellison}.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Free To Be Me Blog Hop

Welcome to this special blog hop featuring Free To Be Me paper packet.

You should be coming from {Michelle Stewart}.   Next in the hop is {Jen Patrick}.  

I just got my paper and I haven't had time to create with it yet.  But I will post as soon as I can.

Next in the hop is {Jen Patrick}.  

Friday, February 28, 2014

Sotm march. Happy place

Welcome to this months blog hop.  You should be coming from { Kathleen Androlewicz}.   Next in the hop is { Jean McNulty}

I completely forgot what day it was, so I will be coming back with details later.

Next in the hop is { Jean McNulty}

Friday, February 7, 2014

New product 2014 blog hop

The newest idea book is out and we are celebrating by doing what we do best, crafting with new products.  You should be coming from {Melinda Everitt}.  If not, don't worry.  It is a circle hop and you will come back around.  Next in this hop is  {Lalia Harris}.  If you are to get lost along the way, to can find a full list of blogs {here}.  And don't forget to check the new sotm {wild about love}

I am showcasing Ivy Lane paper packet and coordinating stamps.  

This layout is pattern 10 from Make It from Your Heart volume 1.  The stamps are from the Ivy Lane WOTG and Inspiration Flourishes. It is hard to tell, I can't get the pic any bigger without making it completely blurry, but I have three layers starting this layout.  First is the green B&T paper from the kit. Slightly smaller is Hollyhock cardstock, and then there is Colonial White which everything is stamped and placed on.  But that did mean i had to cut down the large paper and picture to make it fit.  I tried keeping it the same size, but it looked weird hanging off the edge.

This card is pattern 24 from the same book.  The stamp is from Inspiration Flourish.  I masked each section to get the multi colored image. The gold is washi tape.  I mounted it on white daisy cardstock and cut it to the size I needed.

This 3 x 3 card doesn't use a pattern.  There aren't many options when it comes to this size card.  I can't believe the quality of these photo. From my phone.  I can see the liquid glass that oozed a little past the zipper.

This is a repost, but since The Happy Couple is back in this idea book, I thought would reshow these.  As it sounds, this stamp is about marriage, but I wanted to show you how you can use a themed stamp outside the box.  These are the original photos.  If I knew where these got put during the move, I would have taken new photos.  They may contain old papers or stamps, but you can use new ones that also work with the theme.
Baby Card with Congratulations stamp used.

Christmas cards with wedding bells stamp used.

Valentine's card with you + me = us stamp used.

Mother's Day card with flower bouquet stamp used.

Birthday card with Cake stamps used.
To see the original post , go (here)

Thank you for checking out the new items.  To get your own new items to craft with or to get a copy of this new idea book, go to .
 Next in this hop is  {Lalia Harris}.

Pure Joy Layout:
Ivy Lane WOTG.  G1073
Inspiration Flourishes.  C1581
Colonial White Cardstock.  1388
Hollyhock Ink Pad.  Z2128
Blush Ink Pad.  Z2106
Topiary Ink Pad.  Z2155
Black and Grey Epoxy Bubbles.  Z1935
Make It from Your Heart Volume 1.  9035

You Inspire Me Card:
Ivy Lane Paper Packet.  X7178B
Inspiration Flourishes.  C1581
Colonial White Cardstock.  1388
Blush Cardstock.   X5640
Slate Ink Pad.  Z2173
Topiary Ink Pad.  Z5155
Smokey Plum Ink Pad.  Z2147
Gold Polkadot Washi Tape.  Z1920

Hello Wonderful Card:
Ivy Lane Paper Packet.  X7178B
Hello Wonderful.  B1443
White Daisy Carstock.  1385
White Daisy Ink Pad.  Z2163
Hollyhock Zipper Lace.  Z1826
Liquid Glass.  Z679

Other cards:
The Happy Couple.  D1539
also features older and/or discontinued stamps, papers and  inks and embellishments and cricut cuts. email me at if you would like to know about what items that are available that can be used to substitute.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Sotm blog hop - wild about love

Welcome to this months blog hop.  We are featuring wild about love.  You should be coming from {Wanda Riley}.  Next is{ Sheila Bennett}.  This is circle hop, so wherever you start, you will still see everyone. If you get lost, you can find the whole list of bloggers {here}

I hurt my right hand so I am very slowly working with my left.  I am ambidextrous, but not 100%.

This first thing when I saw this stamp was the stump and how I wanted to do I initials in it, but it was too small.  Frowny face.
I wanted to do something different with these stamps.  I know everyone was going to do " what does the fox say" (which I still have no clue about, I just know its some sort of video with singing, maybe). I wanted to do word bubbles, but thought that it would be thought of that way.  So I thought it would be cute to make baby cards with the fox.
The saying underneath is from a stamp set called new arrival.  It is not in the idea books, but it is a cricut compatable stamp, which mean they are always available.  How cool is that?  But back on track.  The image actually features a alligator with an bird on his nose.  So I masked him out.  
see how I masked the stamp. Here is stamp set normally

This is my valentine card.  The polka dot paper is retired, sorry, but any polka dot would do.  I actually cut the stamp in half to separate the two foxes.  The banner is from remarkable wreath.  That is not in the new book, but stamps are available for one year, so you can still get it.  I still think there is something missing, but since I can't put my finger on it, this is how it will be.  

Thank you for visiting.  If you would like to items so you can make your own, visit {}
Next in the hop is {sheila-bennett}

Baby cards
Wild about love. S1402
New arrival. C1501
Colonial white Cardstock   1388
Sky Cardstock.  X5761
Cotton candy Cardstock. X5760
Babycakes paper packet. X7173B
Sky ink. Z2194
Cotton candy ink. Z2193
Black ink. Z2105

Love card
Wild about love. S1402
Remarkable wreath. C1473White daisy Cardstock. 1385Hollyhock ink. Z2128Ruler. Z1471Piercing kit. Z1114Dotty for you paper pack. Retired

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Organizing my craft room

I am moving my craft room downstairs, so that mean reorganizing. I want to show you some things that I use to do so.
I keep all my current stamps on my desktop. They are easy to grab, plus I know which stamps are still available.  I have it set up like this; current idea book, last idea book, and wotg/sotm/hostess. In my old one, I use to keep my cricut stamps, but that got to large and no longer fit. I use a photo box for those now and they are by the cricut.  I got the idea for this box when I grabbed a box while shopping, brought it home and it fit my stamps perfectly.  I added fabric to that box, but it wasn't holding up well. So I made a new one, out of foamboard and wrapping paper.  Isn't that paper gorgeous?  I got it half off at target.  The damask part is flocked.  That is just to pretty to be used on a present.

This is where I keep my atg gun.  It is the bottom of a Velvetta cheese box.  So it is nice and sturdy.
Another item I got from target was this.  I got it for half off after Halloween.  It actually had one of those battery candles, but I just removed it.  The white isn't actually used. I placed it in there so you could see the design.  It is very gothic (the era, not the lifestyle), which I love.  I use it to hold my scissors, and cricut tools.  I have a quite larger one, I just haven't figured out what to use it for.
This has been used for the same thing the whole time. this is a cassette tape box. I ahe had it for a while. it use to hold my paints, but i wanted something different. I used cardboard to divide the spots for my ink. I love it. I might reprint it tho. I love the color, but it very hard to match. So I think I am going to stick with black, white and silver.  

Friday, January 3, 2014

Cloud nine blog hop

Welcome to this special blog hop.  It features close to my heart's papercrafting month special, Cloud Nine.  You should be coming from {Gina Brandstetter}.  Next in this hop is {Michelle Johns}.  If you get lost in the hop visit the Hop list.

The kits comes with one B&T duos, one sheet of lagoon, one sheet of honey, special stamp set, and some previews from the new idea book that comes out next month, gold dotted washi tape, teal shimmer tape, and durable triangles. And those preview items, are complete packages. So you will have lots of leftover from this kit.

I am in a 3 x 3 kick right now.  These use the B&T, and studs featured in this kit.  The stamp set is also a preview, not from the kit.
Sorry for the quality of these photos. They were taking with my iPad, but right under a lamp. What you can't see is that the paper on the left has circles in honey.

This 3 x 3 set features the washi tape from the kit.  Very simple to do.  The stamp set used is the same one as above.

You can purchase all item used, including the Cloud Nine Kit here

 Next in this hop is {Michelle Johns}.

White Daisy  1385
Banner Wishes  B1483
Black Ink Pad. Z2105
Cloud Nine Kit