Thursday, December 11, 2200

Cricut Explore Design Space Tutorials

Design Space may look a little difficult and overwhelming but it is quite simple when you know what to do.  I have been doing tutorials to show you how simple it truly is. So check out these tutorials and play with your Explore today

{Basics of Design Space part 1}
{Basics of Design Space part 2}
{How to Upload Your Own Photos In Design Space}
{How To Card Tutorial}
{How to use codes in Design Space}
{How to Contour in Design Space}
{How to use text in Design Space}
{How to use custom setting in Design Space}
{Print Then Cut}
{How to use slice with Artfully Sent}
{How to make a 3D snowflake and how to add score lines}
{Split Images Using Slice}
{Vinyl Tutorial}
{How To Make Your Own Pattern Alphabet}

There will be more to come.  Is there a tutorial you would like to see? Let me know in the comments below.

I have started a{Facebook} group to keep you updated on new artwork, tutorials and specials. Would love to see you there.

I have also added a pin button on all of my posts so you can easily add artwork to you pinterest account

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

As a thank you

If you did not know, I have a Facebook group which will keep you updated with the newest tutorials, artwork and specials. This group is growing larger than ai thought it would. And as a thank you for joining my group, I will be doing a special once I hit 100 members, which is so close. You will need to be an active member to get this special, so please head over to my {Facebook group} and join. And thank you so much for following me on Facebook and here on my blog.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Birthday Challenge Part 2

Back again with the birthday challenge at {Heart 2 Heart}

This weeks challenge is the birthday challenge.  You get a color to work with depending  on what month you were born. My birth month is November, so I have the color cocoa.  This is my second project for this challenge. When I went to Pinterest, I saw a couple ideas that I wanted to do. This one is my favorite.  I love damask. Almost as much as I love Celtic. Okay. I lied. I love Celtic a lot more than I love damask. 

This is my inspiration picture. Cream with the brown. The single damask image partially off the sheet.

Such a simple design, Didn't want to put too much on this card, so I made it a simple thank you card. Used second generation stamping. The only problem I have with this, is it doesn't stamp evenly.  There is a way, but I haven't figured out how.  It's not as noticeable in person.  This Cricut image used is from Art Philosophy #M40137. 

Would love for you to join us for this challenge at {Heart 2 Heart}. You must use some Close To My Heart products to play along.  You can order yours at {}.


Stamps - 
   Variety Of Thanks B1471 (Hostess Only Set)

Paper -
   Colonial White Cards X1410
   Cocoa Cardstock X5642

Ink -
   Cocoa Ink Pad Z2114

Other - 
   Art Philosophy Z1686

Monday, January 19, 2015

Birthday Challenge At Heart 2 Heart

Welcome to this weeks challenge at {Heart 2 Heart}

Happy birthday to you. This weeks challenge is all about your birthday. Each month has a color that you use in your project. My birthday is in November, so I my color is Cocoa. Trust me, I was not thrilled with this. I kept looking at this challenge going 'why me'. Then I went to Pinterest and searched brown. Got a couple ideas. I do have a second project I will be posting later this week. 

Searching through Pinterest, the gold / brown combo showed up a lot. And somehow this ended showing up. I loved the simple stick snowflake look. 

So here is my card. This is actually the second take. The first one just was too simple. didn't look like a snowflake. So take two. 

I took a piece of cardstock, covered it with Versamark and used our new gold embossing powder. Two layers, and then cut into strips like Popsicle sticks. 
I also embossed the sentiment, I went to Hobby Lobby to find a embossing aid. Something to help the stray powder from sticking. They didn't have one. Looked online to make my own. It involved nylons. Which I don't own. But I do have corn starch. So simple is the best for me. I have a bag with corn starch and just brushed it on. Works for me. And look, no stray powder.

Glad you stopped by. Would love if you joined us for this birthday challenge. Stop by {Heart 2 Heart} to see what your birthday color is. Remember, you must use some Close To My Heart product to play along. If you do not have any, stop by {} to order, and then come back to play. 

Please feel free to join my {Facebook group} to get updates on new tutorials, artwork and specials. 

Recipe :

Stamps -
   Best Christmas D1613

Paper -
   Colonial White Card and envelope  X1410
   Colonial White Cardstock 1388
   Cocoa Cardstock X5642

Ink -
   Versamark Z891

Other -
   Gold Embossing Powder Z2066
   Craft Heater Z555

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tic Tac Toe Challenge At Heart 2 Heart

Hello again. I am back this week with a new challenge from {Heart 2 Heart}.

This week is my week off, but I decided to play along anyways. This weeks challenge is Tic-Tac-Toe. Get three in a row and you win. I may be channeling bingo at the moment, but I didn't want to do just a row. I thought it would be a bigger challenge to do them all. Yes, I played blackout. It was challenging, but I did it, And I think it turned out awesome.

So let me break down each step.

Here is the sketch I followed. I followed it exactly.


Cricut.Cuts are the honeycomb (#M45C8C) and the word bubble (#M396F9)

Embossing. I embossed everything I stamped. The trees and the word bubble. They look like I used green embossing powder, but we don't have that color. So what I did was stamped in pigment ink and used clear embossing powder. This was you can have whatever color you would like, as long as you have the ink color.  If you don't have pigment ink, you can stamp the color, then stamp over with Versamark. But the pigment ink stays wet for a while. Embossing also helps the ink from smudging. I also used the embossing/piercing tool on the wood grain paper.
 Close up of the embossing. 

Stamping. The trees and the word bubble. 

Ribbon. I kinda fudged this. I used baker's twine as my ribbon.

Distressing. I used the embossing/ piercing tool to make 'grain' on the wood grain paper so I could sand it. Looks interesting in person.

Manly. I used masculine papers from Dakota, Timberline and Wildwood Assortment for a hiking layout. 

Bling. I used the baker's twine for this as well. It has metallic strand in the twine. 


That is all of them. All nine categories. 

I hope this inspires you to join. You only need to do three in a row. And you need to use some sort of Close To My Heart product to join this challenge.

You can place your order at {} and then come back to play with us.

Please join my {Facebook group} to get updates on new tutorials, artwork and specials.

Stamps -
   It's Your Day (retired)
   A Journey (retired)

Paper -
   White Daisy Cardstock 1385
   Goldrush Cardstock 1243
   My Crush Wildwood Assortment Z2040
   Timberline Paper Pack (retired)
   Dakota Paper Pack (retired)
   Dreamin' Paper Pack (retired)

Ink -
   Ponderosa Pine (Enchantment Pigment Set) Z2502

Other -
   Clear Embossing Powder Z2088
   Metallic Baker's Twine Z1921
   Artiste Cartridge Z1790
   Artbooking Cartridge Z1906
   My Crush Wildwood Assortment Z2040
   Sanding Kit Z1294
   Piercing & Embossing Tool Kit Z2046
   Journaling Pen Z1979
   Ruler Z1471
   Liquid Glass Z679
   Bonding Memories Pen Z553
   Timberline Assortment (retired)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cricut Explore Tutorial - Vinyl Tutorial

Welcome to another tutorial on Cricut Explore. Now, you can you any machine to cut vinyl. These steps are all the same.

This one is on regular vinyl. There will be another on iron on.

There are many types of vinyl, but you will mainly be working with two kinds. Indoor (Oracal 631) and Permanent / Outdoor (Oracal 651). There are some more outdoor vinyl, like marine grade, but most of the time, you will only need those two.

I will not be showing how to choose designs in Design Space. Check out my {basic tutorial} and {how to upload your own images}. I am using #M3D31C from Artbooking Cartridge.

Make sure to change your setting to vinyl. If it is thicker, choose vinyl +. Some people have used washi setting in custom setting. Here is a tutorial on {custom settings}.
If it is a new vinyl that you have never cut before, do test cuts to see what setting you need to use. So many people have had a problem when they are doing a detailed image and it hasn't cut all the way through. You can see if it cut all the way through without ejecting the mat. If it hasn't, without removing the mat, you can have it recut by hitting the go button on the machine again and it will cut the same spot . If you remove the mat, it may not line up. Do not use the deep cut blade. Change the settings if it does not work right.  Also double check the blade to see if there is anything caught on it if it does not cut properly. I have a second blade just for vinyl. Not really needed, but I would rather have one. 

There are two sides of vinyl. The vinyl side and the backing. Place the backing on the mat, not the vinyl. When placing the vinyl on the mat, make sure there is no little bits stuck on the mat. This will make it not cut right. And the vinyl needs to be smooth. If there are any bubbles, it will not cut properly. You can remove the the vinyl from the backing and smooth out. 

When you cut the vinyl, you want it to kiss cut. Which means it will cut the vinyl, but leave the backing untouched. If it is cutting the backing, you need to lower the settings. This is important when you go to remove the vinyl. If you cut the backing, you will have the hardest time removing the backing from the vinyl, especially if it is very detailed. 
When you go to weed, cut it in sections (not part of the design, the excess)/. This will make it easier and makes sure the excess does not have the chance to attach to the rest. This is a pain to remove , once it touches the vinyl. This could ruin your whole design. Trust me, I have had it happen. Cutting the background into smaller pieces makes it seem better.

This is a weeding tool. This is so important. You need the right tool to weed.  A sharp pokey thingy will make sure to grab the vinyl and leave the design. Using your fingers makes things difficult.

Remove all the vinyl you do not need in the in the design, called weeding. If it is detailed, have a picture of the design next to you so you don't end up removing the wrong piece. Again, I have done it. It is very difficult to place a piece back where it needs to be. 

Use transfer tape to remove the vinyl from the backing and to place it on whatever you are placing the vinyl on. Burnish well to have the vinyl to adhere to the transfer tape. If it is a large image, leave the backing on and slowly remove as you apply. This will stop the vinyl from adhering uneven or sticking to itself.

Place on item. Burnish well. And burnish again. You can not burnish to much. you want it to stick more to the item and not to the transfer tape. In the Cricut tool kit, there is a scraper looking thing. This works wonders for burnishing. If not, use a credit card. Start from one corner and work down. This is the best way to not get bubbles.  If you do get bubbles, and have something you can us mild heat on, use a hair dryer and smooth out. Don't heat too much, it will melt.

When removing the transfer tape, start from one corner and pull down by gently rocking back and forth. If a piece stays on the transfer tape, burnish the spot again.

End product. This is my ipad case. After this, I had to remove the design on the spine because it was coming up every time I bent it. 

Here is another way to weed. It is called reverse weeding. This is good for small or detailed images. I am doing this on a very small word. The L is 1 inch. Very small.

It is hard to tell, but this is love cut out. Before the weeding.

Apply the whole piece to the transfer paper.

Remove the backing. 

Remove the vinyl that you don't want. The parts you want will stay attached to transfer paper. 

This is once everything is removed.

And the final piece.  I am sorry about these photos. Normally my phone takes amazing photos, but these just came out blurry. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  You can visit my {tutorial page} to see all the tutorials I have done. Please join my  {Facebook group} for updates on new tutorials, artwork and specials. 

You can order your own Artbooking or any other of the Cricut cartridges at {}

Saturday, January 10, 2015

H2h something old, something new take 2

Hello. I am back for another project for Heart 2 Heart challenge, Something Old, Something New.

Now in my last post, I said something about an old project I did, made it into a shaker box. Well, I still had the second half of the box, so I decided to use it.

This is the original project. It was from a special called Rock The Block from Dec 2011. I only know that because I did a blog post. I am not a mastermind of dates and information. I can bearly remember what day it is. But I digress. 

So I took that unused half a block and made a new shaker box to share with you. 

I used some of the new stamps from the mini again to make this Valentines shaker box. I used my Cricut to cut the frame (#M41949). So much easier than cutting it by hand.

I couldn't find my micro beads that I used in the other box, so I used sequins that I bought for the other shaker card.

Hope you enjoyed this new take on one of my old projects. Please visit us at {} and show us your take on Something Old, Something New. Remember, you must use some Close To My Heart products to play. If you dont have any, you can order yours at {} and come back to play with us.


Stamps -
   Forever In My Heart C1604
   Heartstrings Workshop On The Go G1090

Paper -
   Whitte Daisy Cardstock 1388
   Hollyhock Cardstock  1246

Ink - 
   Ruby Ink Pad Z2170
   Chocolate Ink Pad Z2111

Other - 
   Stuck On You Puffies Z3037
   Art Philosophy Cartridge Z1686
   Rock The Block Special (Retired)
   Sequins (non ctmh)